Think You're Totally Like a Certain Riverdale Character? See If the Zodiac Agrees

Think You're Totally Like a Certain Riverdale Character? See If the Zodiac Agrees


If you're a longtime fan Riverdale, then you're probably pretty invested in the intricate, scandalous lives of the characters as well as all the battles and demons they have to face on a regular basis. (Literally though, that Gargoyle King is terrifying.) Yet, have you ever wondered which character you most resemble? Maybe you'd be a Veronica, a true entrepreneur with some ballsy energy, or a Betty, a keen detective and "good girl" with a hidden dark side. Whether you're the jock, the spy, or (uh oh) a murderer, here's which character you're most like based on your zodiac sign.

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Hermione is one tough chick who can get through anything, much like those born under the Aquarius sign. She's basically the powerhouse behind Hiram. "Aquarians are an Air Sign, which means they more often than not will choose their mind over their hearts," Kyle Thomas, resident astrologer at Love By Luna, said to POPSUGAR. Yet they do feel deep pain, too, he says, which we've seen from Hermoine, as well.


With a badass edge but a heart of gold, Toni is a rockstar. She is super unique and easily stands out in a crowd. She's also a sweetheart and looks out for those she cares about. "Toni is a romantic, but can be easily influenced at times, another hallmark of this Water Sign," said Thomas.


You don't mess with Cheryl, the quintessential Aries. "She's a ringleader of the cheerleading squad and always ready for a conquest," he said. "Aries, too, like to charge right in whenever possible – which is clearly all of the time."


The "girl next door," Betty is kind and innocent, but don't cross her, because you'll be destroyed. Tauruses know to have a tender heart, which makes Betty the character for this sign, but they can also turn into a "bull," stubborn and headstrong.


With two sides to his personality, Reggie can pretend to be tough, but ultimately just wants to feel validated. Yet he's also pretty easy to get along with, too. "Flexible and usually up for what others decide, he likes to go with the flow, much like the adaptable and speedy Gemini," he said.


A bit of a brooder, Jughead can be seen as dark and mysterious upon first glance, but he's loyal and has a strong sense of values, too. "Just like the crab, he can be a bit 'in his own world' sometimes, and his tough code of ideals makes his shell hard," said Thomas.


Looking for love and acceptance in (all the) wrong places, Kevin relates to a Leo pretty well. "A hopeless romantic, just like the lion, he leads with his heart," he said. And to be fair, he can get into quite a bit of trouble, too. (The Farm doesn't seem to be a great influence now.)


Virgos appreciate family and helping the people that they care about. He has great problem-solving skills and is the guy Juggy looks to when in a bind. FP may have gotten in trouble in the past (and wasn't the best dad), but he turned his life around, going from Serpent King to sheriff of the town. "Also, with honor and integrity being important to him, he once again echoes this sturdy Earth Sign," he said.


Always eager to be the star of her own little show, Veronica dazzles on the screen. "Librans are known for their love of beauty and luxury, as they are ruled by the planet Venus," he said. She's a bit materialistic, but she also is all about keeping the peace and finding harmony in her relationships.


Josie harnesses the inner fire of a Scorpio each time she belts it out on stage (and in normal life). "She's extremely talented, which is yet another trait of Scorpios, as their emotional depths allow them to tap into all sorts of skills," he said. She's smart and strategic, but also passionate.


Both the jock and tortured artist, Archie is all about adventures, especially physical ones where he's active. "Sagittarians are passionate and easily swept off into many impulsive journeys, adventures, and projects, which makes them the fastest moving sign of the zodiac," he said.


Charming but always with his an agenda in mind, Hiram definitely embodies a Capricorn. "He's wealthy and has his own empire, and always has a strategic plan when moving his chessboard of people," he said. Capricorns are known for being power hungry, much like Mr. Lodge.

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