Can't Get That Song From Euphoria's Season 1 Finale Out of Your Head? Neither Can We

Can't Get That Song From Euphoria's Season 1 Finale Out of Your Head? Neither Can We

Warning! Spoilers for Euphoria season finale ahead.

It's been a season of highs and lows for the heartsick teens at the center of HBO's Euphoria, and the winter formal of the season's finale is no different. But if you make it to the end of the tumultuous episode, you're treated to the delightful surprise of hearing series star Zendaya sing on the season's closing track, "All For Us," a song originally sung by the series' lead composer, Labrinth. But viewers don't just get a beautifully sung song, they get an entire music video that serves as the season's final moments.

The majority of the episode takes place on the night of the winter formal, with several key flashbacks connecting to the events from episode seven. What's meant to be a night of dancing and cheer quickly takes a turn for the melancholy when Rue and Jules face the ultimate crosswords of their relationship: while Jules is ready to leave behind the bland normality of their life in the suburbs (which, considering everything that's been going on, is a bit rich), Rue finds herself unable to leave her family. Though Rue is the one who pitches the idea of running away together, her anxiety gets the best of her and she second-guesses the decision. Even though Jules resorts to begging, telling Rue that she loves her, Rue stays behind instead of boarding the train as Jules rides away to undisclosed lands.

The definite end to their relationship causes Rue to lose her hard-earned sobriety and she goes back home to the very thing that started this journey — her drugs. As she collapses back onto her bed after doing a line, faint background music gets louder and the clearly impaired teen gets back up to messily wander the halls of her home. What follows is an interesting musical sequence that sees Rue carried around by the performing choir, being lifted up and moved around like a puppet. The movements are similar to her drug-induced hallucination at the beginning of the season, and when it comes to a close Rue climbs atop a pile of bodies, standing there for a moment, before diving off the edge and out of sight.

The last frame of the season is a bright light shining on the empty space where Rue was standing moments before, then the screen turns black and a male voice states, "Until then." We're not making any theories, but it almost feels like there might be some truth to that theory about Rue's narration coming from beyond the grave . . . Either way, it's a mysterious end to the season that definitely has us excited for season two. But, until then, check out the Euphoria scene above, as well as the two versions of "All For Us" by Labrinth and Zendaya ahead!

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