Photo: Every circle is a tiny animal

Photo: Every circle is a tiny animal

Our photo of the day is a lesson in communal living.

It's impossible for us to see every creature here on terra firma, but knowing all the vast curiosities of the ocean is even further out of reach. But thankfully, we have photographers like John Turnbull who don the underwater gear and take a lot of incredible photographs for the rest of us landlubbers to enjoy. Case in point: this beautiful image of a magnificent ascidian (Botrylloides magnicoecum), also known as a sea squirt. John writes of the photo, "In colonial ascidians like this one, each tiny circle is the inlet syphon for a single animal or 'zooid' in the colony. The zooids then share the communal outlet syphons at the top."

The photo was taken in the waters off of Australia's Bare Island.

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