Happiness is subjective (24 Photos)

Happiness is subjective (24 Photos)

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“My mom made my girls one Pom-Pom rug each. They took 80 hours, 320 Pom-Poms, and she let them choose their favorite colors. Just missed Christmas, but they are ecstatic nevertheless.”


“Me and my girlfriend were in a car accident in which her arm had to be amputated. A week later we adopted Lola, I don’t know who’s happier… I’m going with Lola.”

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“After years of sleeping on the floor and then on an air mattress, I finally own a bed!!! ”

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“The photo my sister sent me of her dog and the new puppy they just got”

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“My son has struggled with autism, Tourette’s, agoraphobia, severe anxiety, and OCD. He found solace in writing and just published his book on Amazon! Here he is giving a copy to one of his teachers that helped him along the way.”

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“My mother had wanted a miniature poodle for over 30 years. This is the day Zoe came home.”

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“I’m happy as long as we’re together, buddy.”

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“Makes me weak in the knees to see the happiness in my 8-year-old yellow Lab’s eyes, as well as the happiness in the eyes of my 81-year-old Mom.”

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Lucky girl.

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“My dad got married this past weekend after being single for 13 years and raising 3 girls alone. This is what happiness looks like.”

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“My parents split up when I was a baby. Even though they didn’t get along, they maintained a healthy relationship so they could equally raise me. This is our first picture together in a decade. I’m thankful to be proof that parents who are separated can still work together.”

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“After an 8 month apprenticeship, and numerous clean downs and set ups, this is me doing my first tattoo on some fake skin. It is what it is but I couldn’t be happier. I earned this.”

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“Here’s another shot of my 101-year-old grandfather with our new puppy! This is pure joy if I’ve ever seen it!”

10090910-image-crop-521x612-1549977266-728-428fab8b39-1550474333.jpg?quality=85&strip=info&w=600Gelfling1994 / Reddit

“My boyfriend got me a lemur experience for my birthday!”

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10091010-image-crop-960x749-1549977216-728-b0a6f82e28-1550474333.jpg?quality=85&strip=info&w=600JakeBrownPhoto / Reddit

“My wife captured a moment between my daughter and I on the train while she was ‘booping’ my nose with hers. Pure happiness.”

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“10 months ago I decided to start learning to love myself. I moved states, got a new job, and have surrounded myself with amazing friends (some new & old). This photo has captured exactly how I feel… Pure happiness! I am so proud”

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“My niece has always loved pumpkins. Today, we took her to a pumpkin farm for the first time…”



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