Life with quintuplets looks like actual hell

Life with quintuplets looks like actual hell

And you thought your household duties were hard.

Raising quintuplets is a trip — just ask the Busby family of TLC’s “OutDaughtered,” which kicks off its third season Tuesday.

The reality show follows the Busby family, which is composed of parents Adam and Danielle, their 7-year old daughter Blayke Louise, and their five 3-year-olds, Hazel, Ava, Olivia, Parker and Riley, who happen to be the only all-female set of quintuplets in the US.

In this exclusive clip from Tuesday’s two-hour season premiere, the Houston-based Busbys brace for Hurricane Harvey, which struck Texas in August, while they juggle the hurricane that is their household.

“We’ve flooded before and had to evacuate our home in Lake Charles, so, how do you do that with this many kids,” says Danielle, adding that this is their “first hurricane with six kids.”

As the hurricane hits, their lives become more complicated when it forces Danielle’s mom, Mimi, to move back in with them, since her house was damaged in the flood. Despite the drama, Adam and Danielle have to stay on top of their parenting duties: They debate when to switch the five little ladies over from cribs to beds and plan an outing to the zoo.

Season 3 of “OutDaughtered” premieres Tuesday at 8 p.m.

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