Father sorts out his son’s bully situation beautifully (14 Photos)

Father sorts out his son’s bully situation beautifully (14 Photos)

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A Houston-based father recently confronted his 8-year-old son’s bully, but not in the way most parents might these days. Instead of being ugly in an already ugly situation, Aubrey Fontenot asked the bully’s parents if he could sit down with the boy and ask him one question — ‘Why?’

“I came with the energy that he was ready to receive. Because a lot of times, just because you want to talk to me doesn’t mean I want to talk to you. But I think he just wanted, he was ready to talk to me. He knew that I cared. He saw it in my eyes.”

After getting him to open up a bit, Aubrey learned that the boy, named Tamarion, was being picked on himself while at school. “I asked ‘Who? You’re big, who is picking on you?’ He said ‘All the other kids, they make fun of me.’” It was then that Fontenot discovered the boy and his family were homeless and that classmates were teasing him about not having any clean clothes.

Aubrey’s response to learning that is below.


spent some time with my sons school bully yesterday .. just to dig a little deeper on”why?” .. come to find out he was being bullied for not having clean clothes n clean shoes.. I asked “why?” .. just to find out that his family is currently homeless